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Feb 16, 2016

To Hell and Back, Part-1 features the compelling life story of actor/author Manny Fernandez.

Beginning in the late 1980's To Hell and Back is a wild tale of dysfunction and despair for a young boy as he navigates the poor relationship choices of his mother who divorces from Manny's father and takes up with a string of drug dealers and abusive addicts. These poor decisions expose young Manny to a life of violent crime beyond what most people can even imagine, much less survive to tell about it.

Manny is taught to fight his way violently through life. Incredibly, he is forced to smoke crack cocaine at just 11 years old, and it's all downhill from there with the young Manny dropping out of school at 14. Manny then begins working at fast food jobs to help support the family before he eventually becomes homeless, hitting the streets and becoming an East Bay gang member. 

Hear this incredible tale of survival and what it means to exposure to sociopaths, drug addicts and violent criminals starting at just eight years old. Manny takes us on a wild journey of near-death experiences, gunfights, solitary confinement and bruising battles just to stay alive on the mean streets of the East Bay and in California's juvenile detention centers

(Coming Soon) Check out Part-2 where Manny hits rock bottom and turns his life around through an inspiring transformation.