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Dec 22, 2017

Mike Muench and Leslie Shalabi - Founders of Convivium Urban Farmstead

In episode 17, I make a trip back to my hometown of Dubuque, Iowa where I meet up with urban farming pioneer Mike Muench.

Mike and his wife Leslie are on a mission to create a community around food - from growing it to cooking it to sharing it with the citizens of this small city located along the banks of the mighty Missississippi River smack dab in the middle of America's heartland.

They've repurposed an old greenhouse turning it into a neighborhood farming operation to include Hydro & Aquaponic gardening, a coffeehouse, event space, commercial kitchen and community education center.

They've named their nonprofit enterprise Convivium - which is the Latin word for “feast” - they're bringing people together in a celebration around food and you can find their website at It's an exciting adventure and inspiring story.

I know you're going to enjoy hearing from Mike about Convivium - It's an inspired 21st-century vision for urban farming and community building in an old industrial river town.

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Convivial Garden Duquque  

Convivium Greenhouse

Convivium Garden Dubuque