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Jan 26, 2016

Episode 4 takes us on a virtual tour of San Francisco as seen through the eyes of a longtime resident and current "Bus Monkey" tour guide.

Nick Messinger has called San Francisco home for the past 30 years, and he had a successful career as a TV News Producer. After taking an early retirement from his job and then while facing critical life questions, Nick had an epiphany to become a tour guide on a double-decker tour bus. Little did he know how much his new career would impact his outlook on life.

Host Keith Breitbach gets the inside scoop on what compels someone out of retirement to become a tour guide with an insatiable appetite for San Francisco history and trivia. Messinger takes us from the 1848 Gold Rush to a discussion about current politics, the arrival of Tech workers and skyrocketing real estate prices.

Over the past 30 years, Nick Messinger's journey wound its way across the country to the Mission District then to The Haight and North Beach neighborhoods. His history gets woven with that of the city, and in this podcast, Nick shares his passion and love for San Francisco.  It's a compelling and insightful adventure providing a fun perspective of the city and the people who call it home.