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Feb 24, 2016

Fanny Renoir's childhood was spent wandering amongst Humboldt County's giant redwoods, reading Marcel Proust and chasing rainbows in search of elusive pots of gold. 

Fanny attempted to live a conventional life, but the temptation of the hippie movement finally caught up with her in 1971 when she stood on the side of the road with her thumb out to hitchhike around America. Fanny's road and acid trips took her to an ashram in Tuscon, a Pensacola police station, Nashville night clubs and even a short stay at Ken Kesey's Oregon farm.

Setting out looking for signs along the "Hippie Trail" Fanny took the road less traveled in search of enlightenment only to encounter beautiful souls and a few sadistic psychos - she discovered that being on the road could be both happy and harrowing.

Following her dream of being a writer, poet and artist, Fanny eventually made her way to San Francisco's North Beach and soon found a home, literally and figuratively, at the famed Caffe Triest. Thirty-Two years later, she's a neighborhood fixture and can often be found hosting art and music shows, or holding court at the Caffe with a cadre of artistic souls and neighborhood eccentrics.

Despite being in the neighborhood for seven years, our paths would often cross, but only recently did we meet for the very first time. Now, in this episode of the Passport Podcast, Fanny shares her remarkable story with us, and it's truly an enlightening adventure.

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